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We offer driving lessons to all those needing to learn how to operate a vehicle. Our instructors will teach you how to control your vehicle, drive defensively, make left and right turns correctly, parallel parking, and much more.

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1. Gear shift Gain control: Enjoy the safety and control that can only be achieved with the standard transmission.

2. SAVING MONEY: A standard transmission will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on every car or truck you buy for the rest of your life.

3. Knowing how to drive with the standard transmission can also prove useful when driving other people's cars. In the case of an emergency and the driver is unable to drive.

4. Manual transmission cars are still popular in sport cars and off road vehicles such as tractors or jeeps.

5. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Increase your employment opportunities. Many company vehicles are manual shift.

6. SAVE $ $ TRAVELLING: Traveling abroad? Throughout the world, rental car companies have SPECIAL prices if you can't drive a standard transmission (they aren't cheaper).

7. Nothing beats driving standard transmission if you are a driving nut. It doesn't matter if you are driving a cheap or an expensive car.

8. Driving a standard car is one of the best feelings for a car enthusiast. Here's one way of learning most people never thought about.

9. If you drive standard you can drive any car.

10. Driving standard is a good choice! There is no excitement and no fun in driving an automatic. It is really fun and you will experience the best joy when you drive a standard.